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Through time immemorial family and history have been a cornerstone of Native American life.  As such, we strive to protect the heritage of all tribes by keeping their ancestors’ traditions alive.  In acknowledging each tribes’ customs, traditions, and beliefs, we assure our elders make the journey home safely by offering alternative choices in palliative care and hospice.


compassionate, culturally appropriate care for our clients and their families.

 We work to establish trust with all Native tribes and indigenous peoples while building relationships based on integrity and wisdom.  Through these relationships, we seek to educate our employees, physicians, social workers, and chaplains, as well as family members and friends, in assisting with grief and loss in the Native community through keeping sacred traditions.


Join Us in 2021!!

 We are currently preparing for our inaugural 2021 conference focused on Native American Hospice Care. This conference will include seminars on Native Hospice Care in a unique learning environment. Stay Tuned!



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